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Cutting sticker sandblast coklat dengan sentuhan ornamen ikan hias menenangkan hati dan pikiran...

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Sinar matahari memancarkan panas berlebihan, dapat memudarkan furniture dan perabotan berharga lainnya serta berisi sinar UV yang berbahaya ... read sun control

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Kaca Film Cutting Sticker Oracal Monroe Consulting Group ...

Kaca film gedung 3m


Kacafilmgedung memiliki banyak manfaat dan keuntungan yang sangat signifikan jika dipasang di gedung perkantoran, apartemen dan perumahan... baca 8 kebutuhan kacafilmgedung

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Sticker Sandblast atau lazim disebut Kaca Film Sandblast memiliki peran penting dalam proses pencitraan sebuah perusahaan ...

Spec Kaca Film Gedung

Spec spesifikasi kaca film gedung
Spec Kaca Film Gedung PrestigeWindowFilms :

1. Product Name
Prestige Window Films

2. Manufacturer
3MBuilding Safety Solutions Window Film
3M Center, Building Saint Paul, MN 55144-1000

3. Product Description
3M offers a large selection of windowfilms to meet variety of requirements. 3M windowfilms reject heat and block nearly all ofthe sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, and many are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation aseffective UV protectants. 3M windowfilms resist peeling, bubbling, scratching andabrasion and are backed by warranties tha tare among themost comprehensive available. 3Ms premium Prestige Window Films are specifically designed to increase indoorcomfort, lowerenergy costs and reduce the harmful effects of the sun’s rayson interior furnishings in both commercial andresidential applications. With 4 film styles from which tochoose, Prestige films were testedusing the Total Solar Energy Rejected - On Angle test and were provento perform their best at the hottest partof the day when the sun is high. They reject up to 97% ofthe suns infrared light and block 99.9% of the suns harmful ultraviolet rays. This helps to keep buildings andhomes cool, reduces energy demands andprevents premature refinishing or replacement of carpet, hardwood floors, furniture, art and window coverings dueto sun and UV damage.

Prestige Window Films have lowreflectivity, with 2 styles being lessreflective than the glass they cover. Because theyare manufactured without metals, these films arenot susceptible to corrosion in coastal environments and donot interfere with mobilephone reception.

Prestige Window Films have anominal thickness of 2 mil andare composed of optically clear polyester. They contain atleast 220 layers and have anacrylic pressure sensitive adhesive o oneside and an acrylic abrasion resistant coa ing onthe other. The film in corporates infrare absorbing carbon and isuniform without noticeable pinholes, streaks, thin spots, scratces, banding or other optical defects. The varition in total transmission across the width at a portion along the length doesnot exceed 2 over the average.

• Prestige 70 - Clear film
• Prestige 60 - Clear film
• Prestige 50 - Lightly tinted film
• Prestige 40 - Lightly tinted film
Prestige Window Films are available in 10(30 m) rolls, in widths of 40", 50" and 72" (1011270 and 1829 mm).

• Helps protect products fromfading caused by UV rays
• Rejects solar heat even during the hottest part ofthe day, increasing comfort and savingenergy
• Metalfree composition helps to prevent film corrosion incoastal environments and prevents interference with mobilephone reception
• Tinted and clear film options areavailable
• Available in 2 models that reflect lesslight than glass
• Resists abrasion

4. Technical Data
ASTM International (ASTM)
• ASTM E84 StandardTest Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of BuildingMaterials
• ASTM E308 StandardPractice for Computing the Colors of Objects by Using the CIESystem
• ASTM E903 Standard Test Method for Solar Absorptance, Reflectanceand Transmittance of Materials UsingIntegrating Spheres (Withdrawn 2005)
• ASTM G26 Practice for Operating LightExposure Apparatus (Xenon-Arc Type) With and Without Water for Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials (Withdrawn 2000)

The Skin Cancer Foundation
Emissivity and u-value properties are deter mined based upon the established calculation procedure defined by the 1997 ASHRAE (American Societyof Heating, Refrigeratingand AirConditioning Engineers) Handbook of Fundamentals.

Prestige Window Films meet Class A requirements for surface burning characteristics when tested inaccordance with ASTM E84:
• Flamespread - 25 maximum
• Smoke developed - 450 maximum

5. Installation
Deliver products in manufacturers original, un-opened, undamaged containers with identification labelsintact. Store materials protected from exposure toharmful environmental conditions and at temperature andhumidity conditions recommended bythe manufacturer. Provide clear access towork areas. Verify that site conditions are acceptable for installation. Donot proceed with installation until unacceptable conditions are corrected. Examine glass surfaces toreceive the new film and verify that theyare free from defects and imperfections that willaffect the final appearance. Correct and/or note allsuch deficiencies prior to applying the film.

Use protective tarpsor drop cloths to cover interior furnishings, floor, carpet, windowledges and wallsnear the window(s) receiving the film installation. Turn off or cover heating, air conditioning and ventilation ducts toreduce dirt and dust in the airor on the glass. Place towelingor other absorbent material on the window sillor sash to absorb moisture generated by the cleaning and film application process. Clean the windowand window framing thoroughly with aneutral cleaning solution. If the window putty or sealis old and cracked, tape or seal it priorto washing the glass. Using asolution comprised of 90% water to 10% ammonia, clean glass with ablade scraper or industrial razor toensure the removal of contaminants. Thoroughly rinsethe glass from top to bottom withwater from a pressure spraytank. Squeegee the entireglass surface. Dry the glass edges and window frames using a lint-free towel.

Measure the glass and cut the film edges neatly and squarely to fit, or cutthe film 1" (25.4 mm) wider andlonger for trimming to size after positioning. No edge seal is required. Mix afilm slip solution comprised of 1 capful of baby shampoo or dishwashing liquid to 1 gallon (3.8 L) ofwater. Spray the solution on the glass and film to facilitate proper film positioning. Use no more soap than is needed to provide slip. Apply film to the glass and lightlyspray it with the slipsolution. Use polyplastic bladed squeegees to remove excesswater and to maximize the bonding of thepressure sensitive adhesive. Trim the film tosize if needed before using the squeegee asecond time, making sure to use anew blade tip after 3 - 4 cuts. Spray the slip solution to the film and squeegee asecond time. Bump the film edge with a lintfree towel wrapped around the edge of a 5way tool.Wipe the frame edge dry.

After installation, the film may have a dimpled appearance from residual moisture. Under reasonable weather conditions, the film willdry flat within 30 days.

Use all necessary means toprotect the film before, during and after installation.

Installation mustcomply with the requirements of all applicable local, state and federal codejurisdictions.

6. Availability & Cost
Contact 3M Building Safety Solutions Window Film for information onlocal availability, or reference the 3M online tool under Customer Support.

Budget installed cost information maybe obtained from 3M Building Safety Solutions Window Film.

7. Warranty
Prestige Window Films are warranted by 3 M for a period of 15 years in that the film willmaintain solar reflective properties withoutcracking, crazing, delaminating, bubbling, peelingor discoloring. In the event that the product is found tobe defective under warranty, the seller willreplace such quantity of the film provedto be defective, and willadditionally provide the removal and reapplication labor freeofcharge. 3M also warrants against glass failure due to thermal shock glassfracture. This is warranted to a maximum value of $500 perwindow, provided the film is applied to recommended types of glass and the failure occurs within 60 months from the start ofapplication.

Any glass failure must be reviewed by 3M priorto replacement. Complete warranty terms andconditions are available from the manufacturer. For details, consult 3MBuilding Safety Solutions Window Film.

8. Maintenance
The film may be washed 30 days after application using common window cleaning solutions, including ammonia solutions. Abrasive cleaningagents and bristle brushes that could scratch the film mustnot be used. These films may alsobe cleaned with a mild dishwashing soap. Synthetic sponges, squeegees or softcloths are recommended.

9. Technical Services
Technical assistance, including more detailedinformation, product literature, test results, project lists, assistance in preparing project specifications and arrangements for application supervision, isavailable by contacting 3M Building Safety Solutions Window Film.

10. Filing Systems
• Reed First Sourceª
• Additional productinformation is available from 3M Building Safety Solutions Window Film uponrequest.

* For all types Kaca Film Gedung needs you can contact Customer Service.

Written by: Janan Ahmad
Kaca Film Gedung, Updated at: 13.26